Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jenks, Oklahoma, United States


Full time position - Salary $36K - $40K annually (specifically based on experience and supportable metrics for previous proven results)



Skill Requirements

Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

Spend per guest; site traffic; web traffic/ranking; spend ROI; YOY numbers

Please answer the following:

  1. How would you explain to a 5 year old the difference between SEO and SEM? (we can all google, please use your words).
  2. What is and why is Branding important?
  3. How can a digital coordinator make a difference inside the brick and mortar site/venue?
  4. Describe your most successful digital campaign, platform(s) used and why it was deemed successful?
  5. What is the most difficult part of the job in digital marketing?


Preferred Bachelor degree in Online Marketing or Creative Marketing Design or 2-4 years equivalent experience.

Must show proven results in prior roles and specific plan to grow our traffic and RPG.

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